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All on 6®

At Cedar Smiles Dental the (All-On-6) technique creates a comfortable, stable full set of upper or/and lower teeth using six strategically placed specialized dental implants.
While conventional removable dentures effectively replace a full complement of lost or missing teeth. The (All-On-6) dental implants provide a fixed and permanent method of re-establishing a complete set of teeth, and reduce the need for preliminary bone grafting surgery.

Patients can easily eat and speak and have improved quality of life feeling they have their own teeth.

The (All-On-6) dental implants eliminate the need for messy denture adhesives or having to take one’s dentures out to clean and sanitize them. The replacement teeth are cared for in very much the same way as a set of natural teeth.
(All-On-6) offer a less invasive and quicker way to restore a full upper or lower set of teeth than treatment with conventional dental implants.

Requiring just six implants per jaw for a complete set of functional teeth reduces the need for preliminary bone grafting surgery.

Utilizing the (All-On-6) method, temporary teeth can often be placed right away with a permanent set to follow within just a few months, after the implants become fully integrated with the surrounding bone.